09 February 2011

Tipperary on Thursday

Dear All,
Please find below links to the places we will be visitng on Thursday 10th Febr

09.30 to 11.00 at St. Annes secondary school.

11.00 to 14.00 tour of Glen of Aherlow & lunch.
 River Aherlow

14.00 to 15.00 at Abbey secondary school

Exchange @ Glanmire on Tuesday 8th February 2011

Federico & Glanmire boys

Joe Aherne, former exchange student in Argentina (2005) and now a teacher @ Glanmire giving ´mate' to one of his students.

Group photo at the end of a very rewarding exchange event @ Glanmire, Co Cork.

08 February 2011

Limerick University Sports Arena

Limerick University Sports Arena

On Thursday, we visited the sports Arena, a place provided by the university where you can play sports and train, as well as swim. Some of us went to the gym, others to the swimming pool and the rest went running. We’ve been there for about an hour or more. However, the ones who didn’t want to go there, stayed at the computers. The sports Arena is a really huge and great place for the ones who enjoy doing sports, as you have all you need to get fit and have fun.

By Victoria and Ana.

Limerick Sports Area
Yesterday we went to the sports arena in the university. We could choose between going to the gym, the swimming pool and the running track. The majority went to the gym as there were many modern machines, such as bycicles and running machines. The swimming pool was enormous, 50 mts of water. The running track was long and suitable for running for hours. Besides there are many badminton courts as well as basketball, but they were closed when we went. It was a very good experience and we look forward to going there again.

 Agustin Ferrero, Fernando Courreges, Nicolas Ferrandini and Facundo Torres

Live Music in Limerick

Live Music

At saturday night, we all went to Killmurry chapel for a music gig at night. The plave was scary as hell but as we opened the church and set all the gear for the ones who would like to play we started to enjoy it.

First Ignacio Borrego played "seminare" of Seru Giran in the piano, then Jack and his friend did an acoustic rap metal show and Pedro,Nicolas and Franco played two songs as a band (without singer), one of argentina actually (de musica ligera). After that many wanted to do their own part, so Jacks sister played some songs with her friend and Fernando and Eliana sang Imagine of John Lennon. Also many others wanted to show their musical skills, for example Rodrigo at drums and Pedro and Fede at Guitar. We finally chatted with the Irish girls who came that night.

St Fintan's School

St Fintans School
We went to St. Fintan’s C.B.S. School, Doon. It was a boy’s school and there were many photos and t-shirts about hurling in the corridor. It was an awesome experience to exchange our cultures in this event due to the fact that we showed them the main characteristic things of our country such as the typical dishes, the most popular football teams and so on. The most amusing part was when they tried the “mate” and the “alfajores” that we brought from Argentina. Seeing their faces when they sampled them was extremely entertaining for us. We also danced “chacarera” for them and after that they joined us enthusiastically and we danced all together. Moreover, some of us went outside to play volleyball and football while others talked with the students about their interests and hobbies. Finally, we had lunch with them and we could exchange our Facebook and email accounts. We think that we all spent a great time there!  

Sabrina Macri, Rocio Pereira, Julian Rondina and Camila Suprun.

St Joseph's School

A Day in St Josephs School
Yesterday (Thursday 3rd), all the students of St. Brigid's School went to a girl school, St. Joseph. First of all, we watched a presentation they had prepared for us and then we talked about the differences between IrelandArgentina and the way teenagers live. After that, we spent some time eating some cupcakes, alfajores and drinking mate. Later, we showed them some presentation of our country and we danced reggaeton with them. Finally, we visited some of the school facilities and we took a group photo with the girls. We had great fun and the girls, who were really happy, standed near our bus waving goodbye.

Maru and Flor (St. Brigid's School)

We were divided in two groups. The first one went to a boys school, and the second one, to a girls school. The girls school was called St. Joseph. When we arrived to their classroom, they all were waiting for us in a semi circle and with a lot of different types of biscuits and Doritos. After listening to an irish girl who made a powerpoint presentation in order to explain to us a bit of how they live, we started showing them our presentations. Then we started chating with the girls, who were very cool, about many different things. The boys wanted to show the irish girls what type of music we dance in Argentina, that is why we played reggaeton and showed them how we dance to it. Then we invited them to try it. At first they were a bit shy, but after a while they started dancing a lot. And they showed us how to dance irish dances and the dance of the broom. We had fun.

Manuel de la Mata, Daniel Martin Gallego, Nicolas Mengochea and Francisco Porres.

International Irish and Argetinian P-A-R-T-Y!

Interational Irish and Argentinian Party
The parties are not similar in all the countries. In Ireland, as people have dinner at 6 in the evening, parties start earlier than in Argentina, at 8 o' clock and finish at midnight more or less. It's common that people invite others to their houses insted of going to discos, even though they have classes on the following day. However, argentinian teenagers are used to go dancing from 1 am to 6 am only on weekends, no matter if they aren't over 18. In Ireland, teens are not allow to be alone after 11 pm.
Belen Garea, Teresa Koopmann and Paula Puentes